Nobody’s Darling

Our mission is to celebrate and highlight digital art created by women by providing tech, resources, and visibility.

What is Nobody’s Darling?

Women are severely underrepresented in the NFT space. Nobody’s Darling is a pioneering project granting an accessible opportunity for people to own a unique NFT that highlights and celebrates  women’s voices.

Proceeds from this project directly  fund initiatives that  give visibility to artists and help bring tech to this  underserved community.

We help artists who do not have the means to gain platform exposure get access to digital spaces, bringing visibility to their work.

Giving back how?

Our mission to give back is transparent and accessible on our roadmap. Your participation enables artists and teaches tech in an underserved community.

Proceeds from this project fund artists, providing them with access to the digital/NFT space.  As a holder, you’re first in line to participate in their offerings.

And, we are giving back to you. By holding on to your Nobody’s Darling NFT you get:

  • Rights to use your artwork however you choose
  • Voting power in decisions we make for the future of the project
  • First access to future projects 
  • Exclusive airdrops from the artists you helped fund

About the artist

Angela Klein is a fashion designer and illustrator. She has done work for Tory Burch, J. Crew, Issac Mizrahi, AllSaints, Kate Spade, Alice + Olivia, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Our Roadmap

30% Sold

  • Finalize initial charities
  • Start community outreach

60% Sold

  • Set up digital academy
  • Make initial donations

100% Sold

  • Additional resources added to academy
  • Airdrops

This poem is what inspired the project name.
We hope it resonates with you like it did for us.

Be Nobody’s Darling

Be nobody’s darling;
Be an outcast.
Take the contradictions
Of your life
And wrap around
You like a shawl,
To parry stones
To keep you warm.
Watch the people succumb
To madness
With ample cheer;
Let them look askance at you
And you askance reply.
Be an outcast;
Be pleased to walk alone
Or line the crowded
River beds
With other impetuous

Make a merry gathering
On the bank
Where thousands perished
For brave hurt words
They said.

But be nobody’s darling;
Be an outcast.
Qualified to live
Among your dead.

-Alice Walker